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Pokot Women Organisation
The organization that focuses on issues of women, girls, and youth. Read More About Us
We are environment centered organisation We seek to build capacity of community to improve Environment and plant trees to enhance capability to safeguard environment that provides ecosystem goods and services. Our Thematic Areas
Our activities are aligned to supporting community
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We aim at influencing public attitude and policies and fostering environment and community resilience.

We are a community based organization

We are managed by community-based women.

We promote empowerment

We support community efforts to realize their rights.

We work in partnership with others

We partner with others to maximize our work's impact.

We aim to amplify the rights of Pokot women, and youths.

About Us

We are Pokot Women Empowerment Organization

Pokot Women Empowerment Organization (POWEO) is a non-profit nonpartisan community-based organization that seeks to promote a society that is women inclusive, equipped to respond, and resilient to emergencies. The organization focuses on issues of women, girls, and youth.

The organization believes in empowering women and youths to achieve sustainable development, cultural values, team spirit, and nurture volunteerism in all sectors of development.

We work with partners to ensure that the capacities of women and youths are strengthened to promote human rights and take lead in prevention and response to emergencies.

Our Programs

Our Key Competence Programs.

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We have touched many souls.

We aim at influencing public attitudes and policies and fostering community resilience. We provide a forum for multi-stakeholders to foster effective and holistic community engagement in addressing issues regarding beliefs, practices, and lack of awareness that contribute to environmental degradation, poverty, gender inequality, and youth disengagement.

Nairobi, Kenya.
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