About Us

Our Mission

To champion and amplify the girl's voice and choices through promoting access to SRHR, entrepreneurship skills and innovations training.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to build a community where young girls are safe and free from all form of sexual harassment and abuse.

Our Key Objectives

Our objective is to increase the availability of SRHR information, services and commodities to girls in our communities.

Welcome, We’re
Pokot Women Organisation.

Pokot Women Empowerment Organization (POWEO) is a non-profit nonpartisan community-based organization that seeks to promote a society that is women-inclusive, equipped to respond, and resilient to emergencies.

Pokot Women Organization focuses on issues of women, girls, and youth.

The organization believes in empowering women and youths to achieve sustainable development, cultural values, and team spirit, and nurturing volunteerism in all sectors of development.

We work with partners to ensure that the capacities of women and youths are strengthened to promote human rights and take the lead in prevention and response to emergencies.

Leah Chebet Psiya

Founder & Executive Director
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Our Uniqueness

Our Core Values

Our main purpose is to ensure that the voices of the young people and especially girls in our societies are amplified.

Excellence in performance

We aim to develop a sustainable organization, recognized in West Pokot and beyond, the Performance excellence that results in the Delivery of ever-improving value to communities we save.

Innovation and creativity

As a team, we emulate high professional standards based on creativity and innovative ideas. These includes the increasing need for people who understand the creative process.


Our work is built around knowledge, skills, relevant competence, behavioral qualities, and values of honesty, integrity, ethical probity, and capability of working well with clients, colleagues, and public.


Our value is centered in the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for every action and decision within the organization. We always remain accountable for our actions and impacts.


We come together and exert combined efforts in facilitating the realization of our goals and those of our partners. We ensure that every member of a team has to perform and contribute in his best.


We are investing in building relationships between Pokot Women and other stakeholders who contribute their finances, property, labor or skill, in achieving the same mission and vision.

We aim at influencing public attitudes and policies and fostering community resilience. We provide a forum for multi-stakeholders to foster effective and holistic community engagement in addressing issues regarding beliefs, practices, and lack of awareness that contribute to environmental degradation, poverty, gender inequality, and youth disengagement.

Nairobi, Kenya.
+254 734 512 264