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Promotion of Women’s Rights

Sustainable Livelihood This programme seeks to build the capacity of communities to improve their livelihoods and well-being and enhance their capability to safeguard the environment that provides them with ecosystem goods and services. For instance, the programme enables poor men and women to secure rights to environmental resources including energy services and access to markets, […]
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Civic Participation

Gender Equality This programme focuses on enabling men and women to have opportunities and influence over their own lives on an equal basis. It systematically engages stakeholders for the purpose of addressing violations of rights for women, children, and people with disabilities and other challenges, and promoting the rights of the marginalized groups in both […]
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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Health SURAJ FOUNDATION in partnership with Maliza Funza Foundation is involved in jigger eradication programs. Maliza Funza Kenya was founded in January 2015. It is an initiative founded by the adverse effects and infestation of jiggers on the Kenyan people. These three friends decided to volunteer and leverage their time, resources, networks, and strength to […]
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Food Security, Disaster Management

Our Approaches Community Engagement Participatory Research Advocacy Media Engagement Creating platforms for the community to engage We create workable forums, working groups, and networks by partnering with like-minded organizations, academic institutions, and coalitions, national and international communities. Through this approach, we can leverage our strengths in making a difference for the community we work with […]
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We aim at influencing public attitudes and policies and fostering community resilience. We provide a forum for multi-stakeholders to foster effective and holistic community engagement in addressing issues regarding beliefs, practices, and lack of awareness that contribute to environmental degradation, poverty, gender inequality, and youth disengagement.

Nairobi, Kenya.
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